Advice on picking a gimbal

Hi all, I’m interested in adding a 3axis gimbal to my quad. The flight controller is an APM2.6. I was thinking of ordering one of these … EBIDX%3AIT

And would welcome any advice / opinions on it.

If its not suitable, can anyone recommend a good gimbal for around £100?



Probably the most important element of any gimbal is the actual gimbal control board. This may use one of of the popular boards, but it’s hard to tell because it seems to be a sealed unit.
If you can’t source any info on what’s inside this one you might be better opting for a model with a known controller. (Alexmos, Martinez) This way you’ll have access to plenty of online information and troubleshooting tips. Sometimes much tuning is required for optimal use. It also depends on how serious you are about your footage. This gimbal is likely fine for a hobbyist, but if you’re after super clean and smooth footage, you may not want to gamble on what’s inside this one :wink: