Advice on Mission Planner uage sought

I have just received my second Cheerson CX20 and am at a loss as to whether I should use Mission Planner to set it up or just plod along with the “dancing” and “fix tilting” methods displayed on YouTube.

I had a number of mishaps with my first model resulting in broken shells (hot glued together again) and it flew again. However after having set it up with Mission Planner all seem OK until I needed to refit the entire innards of the bottom shell to a new shell and it never seemed the same so I decided to do a new Mission Planner setup.

Somewhere I have read that the Firmware on the Cheerson should not be updated because the Flight controller is different in some respects… I have never understood this and I have no idea what the differences are or are different to what! In haste I made the mistake of clicking “Install Firmware” and from that point on the quad was a write off. It would not stop beeping and in effect it was reduced to and expensive ornament.

I have been looking at the menu options on the updated MP (1.2.84) and this time I opted to check out Wizard/Multirotor/UAV Selection and I am presented with a section “Connect your autopilot” and in that section it says “This process will update the firmware on your board”. The earlier version of MP started with “Accelerometer Calibration”, I do not want the firmware updated so how do I avoid this? There is no way I want my new second unit reduced to a pile of plastic! Can I download the original version of Mission Planner?

Your advice will be appreciated, Regards