Advice needed: Best Gimbal & Action camera combo?

Hi guys,

I’m just starting out with gimbals. My goal is to get smooth decent photography/video and FPV capability.
After some research here is the best I could find:

Gimbal: Tarot GOPRO 3DⅢ…r_warehouse=CN

Camera: Gitup G3 Duo (for AV out)…r_warehouse=CN

AV out Cable for FPV…r_warehouse=CN

I’m planning on mounting this to an F450 DJI Flamewheel frame, and then also to a DAYA 680 (should I use rail mounts?). The reason why I picked the Gitup camera was becuase I found out that the latest GoPros only have HD out, and so that was the best AV out sports cam I found find.

Let me know if you share my same thoughts or have other hardware ideas. Thank you!

Interesting camera. The Banggood page says “PWM for remote shutter control”, but when I read through the user manual on the Gitup site I see no mention of this. If you get the camera I’d like to know if you get PWM control working.

At the end of the manual you can see they sell FPV / AV out cables as accessories.

Here is the one:

I think you should just plug it in between FC and camera and standard trigger signals should just work. I’ll report back.

That’s encouraging. In the picture of the cable I see part of a label with “WM”, so hopefully that is PWM shutter. The cable on Banggood you originally linked looks like it’s different and doesn’t have a PWM plug. Please do report what you find.

The other thing that would be interesting to know is whether the camera provides continuous TV out for an FPV feed while in photo mode, or is the TV out only live when the camera is in video mode?

Very wide field of view on that camera. May be suitable for FPV, but not photography.

Fro photography, consider

The Hawkeye Firefly is PWM controllable.

Or for a higher end light weight camera, the Sony RX0. This camera can be controlled with PWM using an interface available from SeaGullUAV or

The Sony RX0 sounds like a good alternative but it won’t fit this gimbal. Have you used this camera / other gimbals?

@kelly do you know if the Firefly provides video out for FPV while it’s in photo mode?

Have not put in the air yet. Most likely will be without a gimbal (fixed pointing down.)

Have only done minor testing with the video so far to check out EZ-WifiBroadcast with an HDMI to csi converter for the PI and worked good. Did not try to record video or take pictures during this testing but do not see what recording mode you are in (video or photo) being an issue. Could freeze the video when taking pictures like regular digital cameras do while saving the image, but do not know.

I think the whole line of Firefly cameras operate about the same.