Advice: Hot shoe feedback from Sony rx0

Hello Guys,

I know this may not be a right forum with the query I am about to ask. But, I guess a lot of people in the group who are into aerial mapping and are quite experienced as well. So I may get some help here.
I had a query regarding using sony rx0 camera for mapping application as its compact, rugged and lightweight platform. However, it lags Hotshoe feedback… Lots of people have already have ruled out the possibility of feedback from this camera. But there is one company which claims that they can do that.
Is it even possible with this camera?
Is it just a hoax?
How is it possible to do it? Is there a sizable number of people on this forum who have done it and have got positive results?

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I doubt whether they are taking feedback.
You can diy modify and take feedback from flash, if it has flash.

Hi, Do you have any lead to this?


I think they state it very clearly:

" Thanks to Sony RX0 feedback mechanism now you can see realtime camera connection status and photo triggering success and failure(even if it fails for some reason)

*Only on REGULAR,and ACCURATE versions(as RTK version currently use hot shoe adapter for ultra-low latency we don’t have feedback from the camera)"

So in order to take accurate timestamps, any easy work around this, is to accurately measure the latency from camera command to camera capture and then add this latency to your cam-messages. Especially for a camera like RX-0-with limited setups- latency should stay to a very narrow window.

Most probably, they do the same think with their software

We do a lot of mapping. Take my advice, use a camera with hotshoe. It’s not worth taking a risk.