Advice for a good GPS for 3.5.3

Hello, i bought 2 Zubax and 2 Here GPS units for may last projects but looks like due to probs i can’t use any of them. Here because of the 90° random shift and Zubaxx because of something wrong in the UAVCAN stack (bad baro health and difficult to calibrate compass).

Anybody has a good advice of a good Gps/Compass that works on 3.5.3?


90degree random shift ? What’s that about ?

My Zubax works fie with UAVCAN, what is your error?

I get a constant “Bad Baro Health” message.

How did you solve it? Are you on 3.5.3?


Here is my proposition: buy ublox m8n with hmc5883 (from Hobbyking or similar store) and use it as primary GPS/compass (you need to solder cable for pixhawk 2.1). Then use Here as secondary GPS.

Thank you for your advice.


Hi mike do you mind to share your zubax config?. I would be interest in frenquency values set for data’s to be teansmitted to pixhawk…

I can look it up but it is stock default value. The only things I changed were to set static node ID’s, the esc_indexes and the rotations on the appropriate motors.

I do not get bad baro health. But I am using Arducopter 3.6dev because of the significant UAVCAN updates.

According to documentation few parameters might need to be set in order to get it work. ( see beelow extract of zubax doc…)
The parameter uavcan_node_id needs to be set to an appropriate unique value to avoid Node ID conflicts
Possibly, some functionality that is disabled by default needs to be enabled (such as the time synchronization master or the air data sensor)

Would it be possible to load Uavcan updates in 3.5 version or what ever next release is…?

I did not try and use 3.5.3 because there are major changes in 3.6dev for UAVCAN. As you can see I did not need to change any parameters of the ESC, except give each ESC unique node ID’s.

Will these changes to UAVCAN be backported to 3.5.x anytime soon?


There are a lot of discussions going on about CANbus in Ardupilot. There are some contentious issues that look like they may take awhile to resolve. So I doubt it.

Hope it’ll be avail on a stable release soon.

What kind of discussions?


Go for a ublox M8N. These are very good.