Advanced Shoot in a Flying Route

We have the Sony qx1 camera installed over the 3DR SOLO DRONE and we have a problem with the time when the snapshot is taken. We act as follows:

  1. We plan our mission with Mission Planner
  2. We place the wayponint in the mission
  3. When our drone execute the mission we descover that the snapshot is shooted before the drone arrives to the waypoint planned (as you can see in the attached images)

As a result, the photo that should be done on the waypoint number 4, was maked much ahead and much earlier than in the planned mission. This happened in all the following waypoint.

It is showed in the figure 1 (attached) the flying route and the waypoints planned with Mission Planner. As you can see in the figure 2 (attached) the first photo is taken between the waypoint 3 and waypoint 4, this make that all the photos were taken before the waypoint planned. Finally, the snapshot that should be taken in the waypoint nº36 is shooted in the waypoint nº34 and we found that the waypoint nº 36 hadn´t be taken.

Would you mind to help us with this problem?

Thanks in advance,