Advanced Param. Question

Hi All,
I have noticed every time I connect to MP and scan down under advanced param. I Notice 3 of the param. are highlighted in orange,
Loiter longitude rate controller I gain (ArduCopter:LOITER_LON_I)
Loiter rate controller I gain maximum (ArduCopter:LOITER_LAT_IMAX)
Thrust ( didn’t right down the whole thing)
what is the significance of highlighted boxes

I am running 3.1 firmware, and 1.2.91 MP


I assume the orange highlight means that the Param. is out of normal range…Is that a fair assessment ?

correct. anything in orange is outside the normal range.

I thought as much, so do I bring it down to its normal range and save that setting?

How do they get so far out of normal range?

How do they get so far out of normal range?[/quote]
The mouse scroll wheel? I often use the scroll wheel to scroll a window (which does not scroll the window of parameters in MP) So if you have the same habit and have clicked on a parameter - then move the scroll wheel -it changes the value. Is that possibly what changed the values? I have done that often - click a parameter - enter the new value then try to scroll up or down and not notice it changed the value - a lot! Good thing I keep saved parameter files.