ADUS16448 IMU Driver Support

I’m working to use a ADIS16448 IMU with the Ocpoc-Zynq using Ardupilot as the flight stack. I can’t find any mention for the ADIS16448 in the Ardupilot source code, but the PX4 flight stack does have its own set of drivers. Is there a way to use these drivers in Ardupilot? The development site has instructions on making my own sensor drivers, but I’d rather not duplicate the effort if I don’t need to.

PX4 Drivers:

Sensor Drivers Guide:

What board releases do you have?
According to the board definition here , the OCPOC uses a mpu9250

Btw the ADIS16448 is an awesome IMU , it is used extensively in Visual Inertial Odometry systems

I’ve got the OcPoc_Zynq. It does use a MPU9250, but I’d like to get the ADIS16448 working since we’ve got one on hand. I’m not sure how to map the registers though. I’ve never built a driver, and the system uses burst read functionality, which seems different from the other IMU’s already included in ardupilot.

I suggest you ask for guidance on the developper’s channel.
Oups, I see you already asked