ADSB on Orange Cube/Mavlink question

I’ve got a question regarding the ADSB code and the Orange pix cube. I currently work for AggieAir at Utah State University and we are working on getting aircraft up in the air that will be running either PX4 or ArduPilot. After reading more about the differences between the two, I’m more inclined to use ArduPilot, however we have currently written a lot of code to talk via mavlink specifically for PX4. Right now the aircraft we have is running ArduPilot, but we were under the impression that it was going to be running PX4 which is why we made all the code compatible with PX4. One thing that I have been told is that the ADSB drivers for the orange pixhawk cube with build in ADSB does not work in PX4. So right now we are either going to need to add these drivers into PX4 or we are going to need to change our mavlink code to be compatible with ArduPilot. Right now we are under a bit of a time constraint and so for the time being we are looking to do whichever is faster. I’ve spent a while trying to find some of the ADSB drivers that the orange cube uses in ArduPilot to no avail. If you could help out that would be really great. I also am curious as to how standard mavlink is and how easy it would be to port our code over to mavlink. Either way thanks for the help.

Ardupilot supports most of the stable, non-experimental parts of mavlink. What makes you think you will need to rewrite your mavlink code to run ardupilot?

Well I only assumed that we would need to rewrite some of the mavlink code as I was told that we would need to if we switched from PX4 to Arducopter. I’ll try to figure some more of this out on my own, but I am glad to hear that getting our stuff to work with Arducopter will probably not be a problem.