ADSB missing on MP param list (v1.3.74)

My 450 heli is running on Pixhack 2.8.4 with Arducopter 4.0.5 (heli)., Chibios. The ADSB is missing
in the param even after I connected the uAvionix PingRx to telem port. Attached is the messages tab from MP after powering up Pixhack 2.8.4.

However, my S500 quad running Pixhawk, also on Arducopter 4.0.5 has ADSB displayed in MP, same version.

Can anyone help to trouble shoot ?


You need to set the ADSB_ENABLE or ADSB_TYPE parameter and then reboot the flight controller.

Either you have an old Pixhawk with an early revision processor, that have only 1M flash. A number of features including ADSB is disabled for that board due insufficient memory.
Or you uploaded a wrong firmware version, because of human error or outdated bootloader in pixhack :slight_smile:

(See the version string : Pixhawk1-1M)

Thanks Andras,

Very reasonable guess. You are probably right because my Pixhack is 1M, as seen in the attached screenshot

of the “Messages” tab in MP, so no ADSB param.

However, when I checked another FC, a genuine Pixhawk, the “Messages” tab also shows Pixhawk 1M,

but I got ADSB param displayed in MP. See attached screenshot.

The Pixhack is clone. Probably it was built with a low memory processor.