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ADS-B with QGroundControl

(Mike Grindle) #1

I believe I saw where QGC now supports display of ADS-B data. But I can not find anywhere some documentation on QGC settings to activate this feature or how someone did their hardware connection with a ADS-B dongle.

Can anyone point me to some links and docs to get this feature enabled?


(DonLakeFlyer) #2

It doesn’t work with ADS-B dongles. Only the little ADSB receivers that connect to the Pixhawk on the vehicle.

(Gary Mortimer) #3

It’s Mission Planner all the way if you want ADS-B, you can even feed multiple receivers in for a bigger picture. (See over the mountains)

(Mike Grindle) #4

Don, I’m flying gliders with space and power as premium quantities. So I want something attached to the ground station PC. I also want to use less expensive SDRs and then ‘connect’ into the GCS.

(Mike Grindle) #5

Gary, I’m a Linux kind of guy so Mission Planner is not really in my toolbox. I guess I’ll have to see what is required to add ADS-B to APM Planner2 or QGroundControl. I’ll see how they implemented this feature in Mission Planner and roll my own for one of the other two GCSs.

(DonLakeFlyer) #6

QGC relies on the Mavlink ADSB messages from the vehicle. If you can read the ADS-B from the dongle then you could inject the messages into the mavlink stream and it will all work. Shouldn’t be that hard to add to QGC.

(Gary Mortimer) #7

I look forward to trying it in QGC Mike!

(madu) #8

I do have the similar problem displaying ADSB traffic in QGC. To be more specific, I want to connect ADSB receiver to autopilot and the autopilot want to send ADSB traffic using the same channel where autopilot communicate with the QGC. I am trying to simulate this scenario by connecting our simulator to QGC but the QGC does not show any ADSB traffic. However, the MAVLink inspector shows all the data I send to QGC with the help of message# 246 (i.e ADSB_VEHICLE). When I set up connection as explained above, I send the Heartbeat message with the “MAV_TYPE_FIXED_WING” component type. Will this cause the problem?. If I want to display ADSB traffic on the QGC do I need to send Heartbeat message with the " MAV_TYPE_ADSB"?.
if this is the case, then is it impossible to use a single channel to send/receive the MAVlink commands while receiving the ADSB traffic since Hearbeat message reports two different component types?.

(DonLakeFlyer) #9

Follow the usage of throught he QGC code. I would guess there is some value in the ADSB_VEHICLE message QGC doesn’t like.

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(madu) #10

Thanks Don. Will have a look.

(madu) #11

QGC does not shows traffic when it has outdated ADSB target info. I have set the last seen time in milliseconds instead of seconds. That cause the issue.
Once I fixed that issue QGC starts to show traffic as follows:

Thanks for the link,