ADS-B receiver parameter not showing in MP

ADSB_ENABLE param is not found in my MP. See attached.Quad450.param (14.1 KB)

I intend to install an ADS-B receiver to Pixhawk, but have not bought one yet.

Do I have to connect it to Pixhawk before ADSB and all related param show up ?

Appreciate your help.

What board are you using? ArduCopter? I think ADSB is compiled out to get ArduPilot to fit on some boards.

The board is Pixhawk. Wiki clearly mentions this board for use with ADS-B receiver.

make sure you have this version not the Pixhawk1-1M build

Hi Pete,

Thanks for yr reply. All the time I flash my Pixhawk in the “Install firmware” page under “Initial Setup” tab in MP.

Is the FW there Pixhawk1 OR Pixhawk1-1M build ? What is the difference ? My board right now is updated, ie. Copter 4.0.3, MP is also current.

For flashing my Open Pilot Revolution board (non-Pixhawk), I flash the FW from the link you provided, since Revolution board uses

ChibiOS operating system.

Appreciate yr help.


all boards on 4.0 use ChibiOS (except linux) The difference between Pixhawk1-1M and Pixhawk1 is that the 1M has lots of stuff removed, like ADSB to get the build under 1M size. Mission planner tends to install the same build as you had on previously, I suggest you download the .apj from the link and upload it using the load custom firmware button.

Hi Pete,
For the ADS-B param, I compare 2 FC, one is Revo, the other is Pixhawk.
This param appears in MP when connected to Revo, but does not appear when connected to Pixhawk.
Copter in both cases is 4.0.3. I have not yet bought the ADS-B receiver.

Pls see the links to the screen shot of “Message” for both FC.

Could you please explain why the param does not appear in the case of Pixhawk ?
Thank you