ADS-B not showing helicopters

does mission planner track helicopters ?

i have setup web server at home Melbourne Australia
and raw server for mission planner server IP port 8078

ADS-B has nothing to do with aircraft type. As long as the aircraft has a beacon, it will show up inside the ADS-B. Most heli do have one to my knowledge, well in the USA for sure.

I am assuming you are using U Avionics ADS-B or Cube with a built in one.

I can see one plane flying :slight_smile: Nice setup buddy!

i setup because i had an issue with helicopter i did not see or hear till was almost on top of my plane fly over my my property at 50m above the ground looking at Wedge-tailed eagle nest in the trees

using raspberry pi zero

i do have 3 Orange cubes one is missing in action ( in a tree in the bush ) after midair reboot one has random reboots on the ground and i keep getting hardware malfunction when i try to plug it in to a pc or laptop

theirs not a lot plane flying in Melbourne compare to 8 weeks ago 50 to 60 at one time now only 3 to 4 because of COVID-19 lockdown

its just not picking up helicopters

Call the local airport and ask them what the Australian regulations are. In the US under FAA regulations, some crafts are not required to have ADS-B depending upon flying altitude. It’s going to become mandatory very soon including drones.

may be Aussies are behind in this.

It appears a lot of Cubes are experiencing IMU 3 failures. Accelerometer Calibration Fail


read this document.

What is your Flight Aware setup or how u did it. I might be interested in duplicating your setup for Chicago.

using raspberry pi zero and a
FlightAware Pro Stick USB ADS-B

bugger that’s the first i heard of it cost me 2k air frame now i have grounded all my orange cubes

Well maybe above are just one off cases. Contact the manufacturer get some support.

For raspberry pi, you wrote the code? sorry not familiar with FlightAware

This is the official site for cube