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Admin help requests

This is topic to hold public admin requests like having problems to reset password and so on.

Hello, I’m unable to receive the reset password . I have tried it several times but it doesn’t arrive.

My email is could you please help ?


Hi Fernando,

Did you check your SPAM folder? As request might be there. I have sent a new to you so please check and you can respond to this topic later.

Hello Jpkh,

Thanks for looking to my issue. I was unable to reply on the topic you created. It seems to be read only. I have checked spam folder and I’m pretty sure it is not the issue. Since it is a corporate email and the security level is pretty high, it could have something to do with it. I can send you an email from this address, so you can answer me and prove my identity. I would really want to keep using my former id instead of creating a new one.

Also, if you could check your smtp relay log and send me ( trought pm ) I can check with our vendor what could be wrong. Many thanks, Fernando

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