Adjustments to center throttle

First for the background/where I am at

Currently working on a 4 motor crawler using the Rover project. Using a Pixhawk 2.4.8 and Mission Planner.

I am using FLYCOLOR Fairy 30a esc, I haven’t made any firmware changes at all. As it sits, the firmware is designed for the Non-centered left stick.

After hours of adjustments I had no luck getting a zero level (meaning the motor not running when I’m not touching my rc).

I was attempting to update or change the firmware on the esc thru the blheli_32 program but also, a dead end as my esc has never responded.

My question;
●Is the esc possible not able to have firmware changes? (it did does say that it’s oneshot125 able)
•if so suggestions for a esc that can work for this project

Thank you all in advance.

No, not those old tech ESC’s. So if you have brushless motors buy some Brushless ESC’s for RC Cars/Trucks.

Okay thank you. I’ll head back to the drawing board and find some.
And yes I am using Brushless motors, Surpass Hobby KK Series 3660 to be exact.

My frame is limited on space for esc so this will be interesting. Least I can return these ones back to Amazon.

Thank you.

So you have gearboxes for those motors?

Negative, they will be going into a driving shaft on a tank track system.

Which KV? Probably won’t work direct drive. No low speed control and serious cogging. Even geared down brushless sensorless brushless motors do that. Easier to do with brushed. Unless you are building a tracked dragster…

I had a Rover with a brushless motor geared way down and it still sucked as a platform. Next one was crawler based and it performs great.

This is my first build so to be transparent, I’m learning some as I go. My goal is not a crawler nor a dragster. I’m looking for a something that will be for more off road kind, forest stuff mostly.

I had thought there was ways to adjust the speed thru the rc and programming, am I mistaken by this?

Yes, you are mistaken when it comes to Brushless motor speeds for a Rover application. Re-group and either look at brushed gear motors, which are simple to implement, or gearboxes for brushless motors and sensored would be best. That would be a high cost option though.

Typical vehicle shown with DC gearmotors:


as Dave said, those motors will never work as direct drive. Brushless inrunner motors never work without a gearbox, except running free. The kV rating is much too high and the torque much too low. If you want to use brushless motors as direct drive, you need outrunners with a really low kV. Hub motors typically have a kV of around 80 for example.
One of my rovers uses 120kV outrunners as hub motors and it is almost too fast on 4s.
There are gearboxes for RC tanks. They come with brushed motors, but can be modified to use a similar sized brushless motor.

This is my first low cost crawler and works with brushed motors, FC Omnibus F4 and GPS BN880 and ESC for brushed motor. I don’t think it is useful to use brushless motors for these applications

Thanks for the Amaing feedback and information. Looks to me like this Chassis choice I wanted is way more parts and money then it’s worth.

At this point I’m going to just return the motors, esc, Chassis and other stuff I got for this build.

Looking into a traxxas trx4 kit currently and reading what others have done with this and the Rover project.

Thank you all.