Adjust inputs flyning with joystick

Hi, I’m new in ardupilot(and open source builds), looking for autonomous indoor flight with quadcopter, so in my personal build I skiped the RC control and GPS.
I did some test before in a Parrot, which was too weak to lift some stuff I wanted, obviously it’s very different environment.
In order to do some flight test, I set the parameters to flight without the RC and use a josytick instead, but since the potentiometers are at middle by default, the channels constantly throws 1500 signals(half of max in my understanding), which make the motors run very fast(model is 2836 1120Kv). Enabling the Manual option sets the default signals at “0”, but I think for arming the software sets that Zero=1000(I’ve checked on the State tab, and tested in simulation not allows arm throttle with signals below 1000), the max in this Manual mode is 1000(2000) instead 3000, but has poor sensibility. The graphical inputs of Mission Planner apparently not detect little push, graphical says something like “30” but the state tab registers(and sends to Pixhawk since the motors start running very fast) 1750, “750 in 0-1000 range”, and yet, the phisical position of the joy is about 1/4 of its travel, so 3/4 left of travel is distributed just for 1/4 of signal). Have Elevons and Expo disabled.
Same problem with Xbox One and generic pads, I’ve suspect the last could be hardware limitation but I’ve watch videos of people flying this way with “generic” from Logitech or so.

My questions are, there’s a way to adjust those signals?
And is needed any adjustment for my motors? (have more thrust than popular 2212 and maybe less power/revs per signal unit could work better)

make sure you calibrate the joystick inside windows