Additional Mavlink output on Serial4 for OSD?

I’m running AC3.3.3 on all of my copters and installed on 2 of them a micro-minimOSD.
Since i was loo lacy to build a Y cable for Telemetry TX and OSD i connected the OSD to serial 4 and changed the configuration of serial 4 to baudrate of 57(57600 bd) and the protocol to 1 (GCS Mavlink).
Beside this i have 3DR telemetry on Serial 1, FrSky telemetry on Serial 2 working well.

The OSD data LED is blinking indicating that data are coming in but the display does not show any valid data. Does this configuration as described above to have additional MavLink output to serial 4 work at all on the AC firmware?

Cheers, Gerald

My understanding so far is
With the SerialManager it is possible to set any of Serial1-Serial4 to
1 - GCS Mavlink, 3 - Frsky D-PORT, 4 - Frsky S-PORT, 5 - GPS,…
Serial5 is currently linked to the NuttXshell console but there is change request #2552 to have Serial5 also be available for MavLink or other communication

The limitation is that a maximum of 4 ports can be handled as GCS Mavlink port in parallel.
Since Serial 0 (USB port) is set to 1 - GCS Mavlink 3 other ports can be set as maximum.

Therefore theoretically it should work to have Telemetry on Serial 1, FrSky S-Port on Serial 2, GPS on Serial 3 and OSD on Serial 4.
My port protocal settings are accordingly: Serial 1 - 1, Serial 2 - 4, Serial 3 - 5, Serial 4 - 1

The question now is what is wrong with my set up… further investigation needed.

I solved the problem myself after getting a hint on the german
I swapped the serial port for OSD and FrSky telemetrie on the Pix.

My configuration now
Serial 1 - 3DR radio telemetry to GC
Serial 2 - OSD
Serial 3 - GPS
Serial 4 - FrSky telemetry

This works!
cheers, Gerald