Additional info for github guide

Hello, I was going thruough the guide for rebasing the code and have a couple of points that might be worth adding in to make it easier for other users. I’ve added in a couple of extra steps plus a few steps that make sure the updated code is synced with the users account.

Changed are marked in red.

[color=#FF0000]Navigate git to your ardupilot repository.

Ensure you are looking at your master branch
git checkout master[/color]

Ensure your repository is connected to the upstream repository you forked from.
git remote add upstream

Fetch changes from the upstream master.
git fetch upstream

Rebase your current branch from the upstream master.
git rebase upstream/master

[color=#FF0000]Ensure your repository is connected to the your repository on github.
git remote add origin[/color]

[color=#FF0000]Now push the updated master to your github repository
git push origin master[/color]

[color=#FF0000]Enter you github user-name and password as prompted[/color]

Thanks very much - we really appreciate you taking the time to help improve the docs!

I’m never sure whether it is better to record the steps to this level of detail as it does help complete git beginners, but the additional detail can irritate people who already have some git expertise. Particularly since if you’ve cloned from github you’ll already have origin set up.

In any case, I’ve made these changes to a revision and submitted them to approval by the wiki editors group. I did omit the last line, since the tool asks for these account details.

Thanks again


Your update was accepted - thanks. I’ve set this as closed.