Additional EKF instance for HERE2 GPS?

I’m running PH2.1+Here2. Is it possible to run 4 EKF instances as Here2 gps has a separate IMU inside? What ardupilot parameters are needed to be set for this purpose?
Thank you.

No. The imu data isn’t fed back.
It is probably possible for a small ekf to run on the here2 (it has an f3 mcu), but I don’t know that it would be worth the effort. Most gps’ are mounted on thin sticks and the vibration would mess things up

Thanks for your answer. Just for clarification, do you mean that the IMU as well as f3 MCU inside Here2 module will seat idle (i.e. not used anyhow in Ardupilot)?. In that case, is there an advantage of Here2 over Here with the current available ardupilot firmware available taking into consideration that both modules use the same gps hardware?
Thank you.