Additional CAM log on end of line DO_SET_CAM_TRIGG 0

We have experience CAM message is not match with number of photo on camera. we know this things can happen if our camera is not fast enough to follow autopilot cam trigger command. We tried to increase altitude to get more time each photo is taken, so now we have about 3s interval each photo, and we think this is safe (tried on ground manually). Even so, we still have cam message mismatch.

Then we trying to view our log and I think we found some explanation, we get some cam log with distance smaller with CAM_TRIG_DISTANCE in sequence, this happen almost on end of line after DO_SET_CAM_TRIGG 0, that’s way of course our camera can’t follow the command from autopilot

this is our custom log for smaller size

Does anyone have experience with this ?, have any suggest?, thanks