Adding wing tip on my plane/glider would be better for FPV?

I have a Kyosho Soarus glider as in the attached image. It has installed APM2.5 and Arduplane 2.76, flying it visual so far. I want to fly FPV this glider also. I do a lot of FPV with my quad or traditional heli 450.
It has a low dihedral angle (see picture), which is nice for aerobatic and has no wing tip. It fly very nice and sportif.
I would like to add wing tip on its wings. Wonder if adding wing tips will make it more stable for FPV.
The wingtips will be attached with velcro, detachable, depending if I want to fly FPV or sport.
My question is related to tunning PID for 2.76. If adding tips on wing, would need re-tunning the PID?
Suppose the weight of tip will be not to visible.

It would make a tiny difference so for the weight hardly worth doing. The APM will keep it stable.

Don’t do it!

That would work against U!

Also will be more sensitive to gusts!


No real need, wing tips (or winglets, which is what I think you’re referring to), are mainly used for drag reduction at cruise speed or longitudinal stability in flying wings. Your glider shouldn’t need either.