Adding waypoints and arming via handset seem to be evading me.. have the parameter changed?

swA is bound to CH8
swB is bound to CH7

transmitter working fine all calibrated in MP although CH7 and CH8 didnt show up as moving in servo outputs till i assigned them to rc7 and rc8.

I’ve had a good search as initially, it seemed like I can just select the operation i want (set WP and arm) via drop down but that functionality seems to have been dropped now.

then the option seemed to go to CH7_OPTION (from the wiki) but a search of the params yielded nothing sadly.

now it seems to be DC7 which i have set to 3 for arm

but that’s not working either (yes I’m prearming via the button before i attempt it)… first build this and it’s going pretty well up to here. Anyone help a new user out a bit, please?


flight data messages is giving me an ‘invalid channel option (1)’ and 'invalid channel option (3) respectively.

pretty sure i’m missing something simple here.

The auxiliary channel setup parameters have moved from CH7_OPT, CH8_OPT to RC7_OPTION, RC8_OPTION (etc). The drop-down in MP’s “basic setup” page should show the available options but you may need to update your MP by clicking on the Help button on the top and then push the “Check for Updates” on the bottom.

thanks ill check for update when i get into work.

OK option is now there, im on the beta build 1.37034.1358

interestingly, i’m fine and dandy on my desktop pc here, but on my ms surface the check for updates button/beta updates is not visible at all.

no problem though as its all telemetry linked to the desktop now. ill dl the beta the old fashioned way on the surface,

just an observation. think i should report that in a bug section?

EDIT: nope cant find where to get the 1.37034.1358 manually :confused: however it is working just a pain that my main programming device (the surface) wont update.

Edit: nope zero clues how to get 1.37034.1358 with ArduRover V3.5 (af36fc5e) onto my ms surface…

ok, manually ran updater from the main dir and button is now viasable and im running on the working beta.

problem solved :slight_smile: not for more crashes and other fun stuff :slight_smile:

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