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Adding hall sensors to brushless outrunner motors

(Sebastian Schürmann) #1


is there anybody here who knows how to do this, which sensors to buy, etc? I would like to use two brushless outrunners with sensored car escs.

(Ryan C Smith) #2

The encoders mentioned in the wiki are grounded to the Pololu motors but are discontinued for a newer model with endcaps.
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You may be able to use and mount to outrunner case. I think those are the highest count per rev. they make. Not sure how fast a rover your making as they do make a few stand alone encoders

(Sebastian Schürmann) #3

Thanks for your reply and sorry, I did not make clear enough what I am trying to do. I want to convert two sensorless brushless outrunner motors into sensored brushless motors, to make them start and run smooth at low rpm. I am using blheli ESCs right now and already got them configured quite good, but sometimes, the motors just start to vibrate.
After playing with google search terms, I found a site where the theory of sensor placement gets explained really good: