Adding GPS to SkyViper Scout

So I have the scout, V2470. Does it use the same main board as the 2450gps? And would it be possible to add gps to it? Does it already have GPS available just not enabled? I have a few Neo-6 GPS chips running around that were supposed to be for a much larger build, but I’m curious if anyone has tried adding gps to these things then running a modified firmware file.

So I’ve been able to answer a few of the questions. The board for the Scout and the Journey are the same. The GPS unit is not included, but I have room in the top of the unit for the GPS I might use the NEO-6M or I might use the Journey one (available as a spare part for about 15 dollars including shipping for me), then I think I just need to either mod the controller and flash the new firmware, or buy a new controller that is for the Journey (also about 15 on ebay) and this should work unless there’s something I’m missing.

I’m curious, what is the goal or advantage to add GPS to the scout instead of going with a v2450gps or journey? The optical flow sensor?

If the Scout also has the Sonix board then I’d think the same controller should work, assuming you can flash firmware to the Scout one.

The advantage is that I got a scout for like 10 bucks at Goodwill and decided to mess with it and see if I can get it to behave like a journey.


Nice! :slight_smile: