Adding gimbal to simulate

I want to simulate a drone with gimbal using ROS in Ubuntu,
I am new in these topics,
I could not be sure about procedure that I should follow,
Where should I start ? Could you help me please ?
Best regards,


The wiki is you friend ! for the simulation, for virtual gimbal and for how to connect with ROS !

Hello @khancyr,
Thank you so much for your answer,
After see map and console I tried directly Adding a virtual gimbal part and then I got error ‘‘unable to find parameter RC6_FUNCTION’’ for each one.

Specify a servo-based mount:

param set MNT_TYPE 1

Set RC output 6 as pan servo:

param set RC6_FUNCTION 6

Set RC output 8 as roll servo:

param set RC7_FUNCTION 8

I searched but I could not find any good solution,
Is there any missing part? I dont know what is the problem,

Best regards,