Adding external compass

Hi all, I’m in the need of using an external compass rather the the gps+compass module.
Can anyone suggest a standalone compass module that communicates on I2C?
Using arducopter 3.5.7.
Pixhawk 1 board.

Thanks in advanced.

This is a cool option.
you can find I2C breakouts for HMC5883 magnetometer.

@Mallikarjun_SE this supports only arducopter 4.0 and higer i, using 3.5.7, but thanks for the help!

You could try one of the breakout boards. Back before the Honeywell HMC5883L reached EOL I used one on a multirotor and it worked well. I don’t know what chips are being used on the cheap china versions that claim HMC5883’s. QMC5883 maybe. Or the one from Adafruit with the LSM303 plus an accelerometer you don’t need.

The Kitcan module like Mallikarjun_SE advice you is a very good module… the rm3100 mag… low mag field compass give good performances, wiring your gps in the serial port its like have a CAN BUS GPS…
better update your firmware version

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Wondering why you are still on AC3.5.x
Yes QMC5883l breakouts are available. But if you are looking to solve mag field issue by having external compass, then RM3100 is a way to go with AC4.0.x.

Thank you everyone for your advise. You guys really helped me out!

As you say the RM3100 is not supported in the version of AC you are running (Radiolink board?) but for future reference here are a couple other less costly options w/o the additional bells and whistles.

@dkemxr hi, is the LIS3MDL compass by polulu compatible with a pixhawk 1 and arducopter 3.5.7?

Hi Josh-I don’t know 1st hand but the Changelog says its been supported since 3.5.4rc1. As per the other thread you posted in people have managed to get that board to work.