Adding DragonLink and LEDs to IRIS

Thanks to the help of a friend much smarter than me, my IRIS now features custom LED lighting and the DragonLink FPV system. I can’t begin to explain how impressed I am with everything about this quad from 3DRobotics. Well done! Link to more photos here:


Found the extended photos… … drobotics/

I’m thinking about getting the DragonLink FPV setup too but I just saw this 1w Boscam transmitter which boasts a much bigger range, so am not sure what to get now… I want to get FPV working, but DragonLink doesn’t have to take over my existing 915MHz transmitter does it?

Any tests yet with the DragonLink - any feedback in terms of video quality and range?? Thanks!!

Please correct me if I am wrong but the Dragonlink is for RC Trasnmitter range extension through uhf signal on 433mhz. No telemetry or video.

The lights look great and build blogs are always appreciated!

@IPvFletch, thanks for posting the other link to my business blog. I didn’t want to shamelessly self-promote that site, but I’m glad someone else did. :smiley:

I’m so new to this stuff that I can’t comment on the Boscam, and since my first official flight with the DL was yesterday I can’t speak to the range yet (I’m just thankful everything worked and I didn’t crash). I do plan on doing some more extensive range tests this weekend, so I will report back.

@wbal57, Thanks for the compliments and you are correct about the DL on 433mhz. Like many others, I ordered the “complete” DL FPV package ( thinking it would handle the video, but that is not the case (it also does not replace telemetry). The DL strictly (and significantly) enhances the range of the radio and it is now operating on 433mhz.

As soon as I get my FPV video transmitter and receiver, I will update the blog with more photos, but basically I decided on a 1.3ghz system. For many it is common knowledge, but for noobs like me it is important to remember that you should NEVER have two different UAS components operating on the same frequency, NOR should one component’s frequency be divisible by another. If not for a wise friend enlightening me to that truth, I would have probably been dumb enough to think that everything should be on the same frequency.

My IRIS took her maiden voyage from my front yard last night! You’ll want to turn the volume WAY UP. Or way down. Either way works. :smiley:

Here’s the video:


Awesome. Jealous.

Sure wait until all those trees grow :wink:

Cool flight was this with the tarot ?

Nice development !!