Adding Airship / Blimp support

You’ll need to post a diagram of your controls/actuators. It might be as simple as tail rotor mapped to rudder, and your tilt servo to pitch, with roll gains to 0, but I’d be speculating without more information.



I don’t have an diagram, only photos. In this link below there is a photo of the tail rotor (as you said, it’s like a rudder) and a gondola with a tilt-rotor (to move the airship up, down, forward and, maybe, backward). There are the only mechanisms to control the airship.

The dream of this project is take-off and land vertically and make the mission (basically follow the waypoints) like an airplane. Is that impossible for actual ArduPlane configurations?

Wow big rig!

I suggest you to run SITL with Realflight to test the configurations. Its very easy to setup!

Thats also my plan. Fully automated. Also GPS position hold and the stabilisation of all axis.

Is this configured as a VTOL plane with “tilt-tricopters with the front two motors tilting and rear tilt for yaw”, Cloud you please tell us the configuration/parameters you use?