Adding a Pi 3B+ to the arduboat

Well it started out as just wanting to add a Pi to my boat so that I could use UAVcast and cellular as another option for boat operation. I had no room in any of the enclosures for the Pi. My boat had a deck full of enclosures for different purposes none of which were water tight but water resistant at best. So I decided to rework the deck layout. The goal was to build a water tight ( like heavy rain) , expandable ( able to carry various payloads) , have power readily available for payloads. I’m about 3/4 done. Still need to finish up the forward camera payload. RFD 900 antenna’s need to go up on deck in some way yet be water proof. GPS may need to be moved to get a better view of the sky and a few minor things. UAVcast seems to work very well with all the bench testing I have done and look forward to getting it out on the water soon. Here’s a few pictures ranging from the old setup to present construction.!AgqdUNhfFlnDgboN1eZeLT9ijGb2iA

Comments good or bad welcome.


Nice build! Lots of woodwork. Where did you get the clear dome? Looks cool.

Its balsa with a thin layer of glass cloth and epoxy. surprisingly light. Clear dome came from Amazon. Fairly distortion free. No good for 4K stuff but that is really the command and control equipment under it to stay dry. I tested 4K video today under it and it was better than I thought it would be but nothing like a naked lens. The cameras for good video and pictures get mounted up in the forward section of the deck with water proof enclosures and flat glass covers over the lens.

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