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Adding a new vehicle from scratch

(Paul Courau) #1

Hello !

I’ve been using and coding on Ardupilot for a while now and I used it on a lot of various projects. Most of these projects did have robots that would not fit in a “Rover” or “Drone” description so I had to implement heavy modifications to the code to get it working ( Modifying Motors Layer, Attitude control etc … ). So far, all I’ve managed to do is to modify codes that were supposed to be handled by drones or rover, and most of the code is unused or useless. Also, the architecture of current vehicle codes is not always suiting to my needs and I’m going to use Ardupilot a lot in the future.

That’s why I would like to build a vehicle code from scratch, using only the HAL library and getting rid of most of the work around autopilots, to get somehow my own version of the code. However, so far I haven’t found a way to build a new code from scratch. Every time I try to use the command ./waf build --target “myvehicle”, there are errors precising that I must create a “task generator” for my vehicle.

Is there any “empty” vehicle code already existing ? Or is there any way to add a new vehicle to the build utility ?

I know it’s a hard problematic, so thanks in advance.