(Added a comparison video now) Been flying the 2450gps for almost a year now but Sam's has the DJI Spark Fly More for $359.00

in store and I bought it and could not be happier. I got it Saturday night and was flying it Sunday morning. That’s a cheap price.

Here’s a video I made comparing the two. https://youtu.be/pyrt4fqyB4o

Have you tried using Litchi to fly waypoints?

I agree there’s no comparison between the fixed camera and the gimbal, the flight times etc. But the SV’s open platform and hackability is part of the fun!

I have not tried Litchi as of yet. Using the DJI Go4 app (ioS DJI app does have waypoints built into the app but not for android I think). I’m finding myself going for more of a cinematic photography and video with this. You are right about the hackability of the Sky Viper, that is one of the best parts of it and I will still take both of my Sky Vipers out for shits and giggles here and there. Like on Halloween when you tie a light sheet to it and make a ghost that can fly around the top of the house. The Sky Viper was a great step in the right direction to make sure I wanted to start spending more money into this hobby of mine. Also at that price for the Spark, you really can’t beat it. I Also believed that some of the people here would be very interested in knowing about it with xmas coming up.

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