Add waypoints to APM Planner with python or http GET

I’ve been digging for days researching this, and on diydrones I found this quote but have not been able to find any more details on it:

apm planner support a very simple guided mode function mode via www.
this will send a guided mode wp to the connected mav.

This would be perfect for me but I don’t know if it even works anymore since that was in a post from three years ago, and I haven’t seen much more about it.

Basically what I am trying to accomplish is to send new waypoints to APM Planner either by a python script or posting it to a url. Its effectively a follow me scenario, and I have the Latitude, Longitude and Altitude of where I want the drone (custom drone with pixhawk connected to the APM via 3DR telemetry radios) to go.

So as I move, I will continue to give the drone new wp co-ordinates and the drone should keep moving to the new waypoints.

Does this feature or function ring a bell to anyone? Is there a documentation that I’m missing somewhere that describes how to accomplish this?

You are better off writing something that uses pymavlink or dronekit-python. (or you can do the same in C/C++) to send your guided waypoints to the vehicle.

This is essentially a program that talks MAVLink to the vehicle. you don’t need APM Planner 2.0 to talk on your behalf.

DroneKit-python is probably the simplest way forward.

Awesome - I’ll proceed with DroneKit-python then.