Add Throttle Failsafe = Loiter

I would like to be able to choose to simply Loiter in a loss of Tx signal (throttle failsafe), instead of RTL or Land. I know that this seems to not make sense, but I would like to be able to have a moment to, for instance, switch my Tx to high power, or otherwise deal with my Tx situation, instead of my quad starting RTL or Land.

Is there a way that I can choose this? I’m just not 100% comfortable with the possibility of inadvertent RTL or land, at this point, and think this would be a good intermediate step in testing+configuring one’s failsafe plans.


Hi Brit,

This sounds like an enhancement request; There may be one already, not sure, but you could review the enhancement list for APM:Copter here and if you don’t see it, submit it. Note the list is quite long, so it may not be something that is immediately addressed.

Randy/Craig, etc, please correct me if I’m mistaken…

Thanks, Josh, I’ve added it to the issues/enhancements list.