Add support for RunCam Split Mini?

is it possible to use the RunCam Split Mini?
How do I make her serial connection?
it can be shared with the miniosd since runcan would practically not receive external commands
How do other open-source controllers already support RunCam not add this support?

RunCam Support (Customer Services)

Dec 22, 10:08 CST
Sorry for that Split mini doesn’t support PWM control.

Stella T.
RunCam Customer Service

as it does not support pwm control would not it be possible to add its support?
if it was compatible many would use it I already think that the controllers that supports px4 have more serial than others

Your post is a little confusing for me.
Do you want to control the runcam from ArduPilot on a Pixhawk, or with PX4 flight stack?
For the former, please add a feature request as an issue in GitHub and hopefully someone will pick it up. If you could include a link to the protocol specification it might help.
For the latter you’ll need to head over to and ask over there.

I appreciate the way
yes I want to control the RunCam Split Mini because it does not support pwm
the BetaFlight, CleanFlight, KISS FC, INAVFlight controllers
some of them have the source code available but ask the
and they already support it so I guess it’s just take it and modify it right?

So this is an enhancement request to add support for controling a RunCam using it’s UART port. I don’t know what controls are available but perhaps it’s somewhere on the runcam website.

P.S. I’ve reworded the request to remove the regular confusion about hardware and software. To be clear:

  • ArduPilot is software
  • Pixhawk is hardware

Thank you for reformulating
I already asked him and the mini does not support commands by pwm

I just saw this thread. It would be great to have support for controlling the Runcam Swift 3 using a UART. The Swift 3 seems so be an upgrade that improves the control features. Betaflight implements it. Not sure how much work it would be to implement it into ArduPilot for the PixHawk.

some developer got the request

Looks like the same request. Any plans to implement it?

Run Cam provided a PWM controller for their RunCam Split series but discontinued this. I reached out to RunCam support for verification. The only way to start and stop Record on the RunCam Split cameras is via UART control supported in betaflight and other similar firmware. I fly Betaflight and love it but nothing beats Ardupilot for GPS control and other features that come with it. Most of my quads have Arducopter running with a RunCam Split 2s w/ Record start stop controlled via the PWM controller. I have a new build in the works again running ArduCopter but cannot buy a PWM controller. If there is any way to give this control directly from the Pix controller that would solve everything. Thanks again for such a magnificent product.

I have enabled serial control through this PR: looking for testers!

Brilliant work! This is in master? I can compile for an omnibus F4 Pro?

Yes and yes - let me know if you need to know any more

Thread here: RunCam serial driver - alpha testers wanted

Good day, if i want use the runcam split with recorder can be use under the firmware version 4.0.0 coz im interested use it or via storm32 board but there no a wiring scheme for make it work

The driver is only in master currently and no idea how you would make it work with a storm32

Good day,
i would like command the board like start recorder… take photos using my radio controller x9d plus.
You already test it in this way?

With a runcam? Yes it does enable that.

yes with this runcam

Can you give me pls some instructions for the wiring and settings on MP pla

Please see RunCam serial driver - alpha testers wanted

Thank you for the info you gave me… i will flash the master version and i will start test it with the introductions you gave me… im lucky coz the only uart port I’ve free is the uart 5.

can you send me pls the url so i will clone it in Ubuntu so i can build the fmuv4 coz i will test it on my pixracer… i will let you know the results