Add sectional charts to Mission Planner

Hi All,

I’d like to add aircraft sectional charts to mission planner. Ideally I would like to be able to pull them from the dropdown menu (much like google satellite etc.).

I’ve found a few places where maps are being pulled within mission planner, but can anyone help me out with a workflow to accomplish this so that I don’t miss anything?


do you have the files? ie as a jpg or tiff etc?

I was trying to pull from skyvector…or something else. But it doesn’t seem like they have an API. I bet foreflight is locked down to opensource as well. If I had images then I could just simply import custom imagery right?

yes, if you can get the geo-referenced images, getting it in isn’t an issue.

I was just thinking about sectionals on Mp. Has anyone actually done this?

It wouldn’t be hard to do with georeferenced images. But it’s not a very effective map solution for actually operating in, so I didn’t pursue it anymore.

I have been looking at trying to get marine charts into mission planner, but I couldn’t find anything. Google Earth isn’t great when dealing with water.

Keeping them up to date will be the primary problem. I wouldn’t even fathom burdening the dev team with that sort of liability.

It isn’t hard to use geo-referenced images in MP, but I recommend that as an end-user responsibility rather than baked-in feature. The backbone is already there.

That said, I do not know where to source geo-referenced digital aviation charts suitable for use.