Add obstacles to auto mission

I want add obstacles to auto mission (with mission planner) like dji, i use simple grid and fence but it doesn’t change the vehicle path i.e. The vehicle changes path during mission.
I want to change the path before doing mission Like image below.


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I think it is not possible to auto-plan missions with “holes”. You probably have to do it manually, i.e. planning without “holes” and then adding manually waypoints so to avoid obstacles… not very practical indeed…

Yes i think the same, Manually has many problems.
Is it possible in Qground software?

i do plan on adding this, but not ready for it yet. up untill now ive relied on using ardupilots stayout zones

It would be excellent if it was added :+1:

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How does a vehicle behave when a “stay out zone” is located in the middle of an auto-planned mission , and the vehicle encounters it ?

i would suggest testing in sitl. it should navigate around it