Add OA_OPTIONS for copter

I want to know is it possible to add the parameter OA_OPTIONS to the Copter’s source code like in Rover?
Does anyone have any idea?
I am really in need of a function like this parameter that makes the copter to follow its main path to the waypoint after crossing the obstacle.
Thank you for your guidance.

Does anyone have any idea?

You can look at the PR that added the OA options, and move those changes to the AP_Vehicle class so that all vehicles can use it. Then test it a lot, in all sorts of vehicles, then do a PR with your changes. After getting peer reviewed, and the rough edges fixed up, it might get merged.

Thank you, @amilcarlucas.

In fact, I am new in developing and till now I had very small experiences :sweat_smile: Can you help me with this part or give me a guidance link to follow?
Thanks and regards