Add Electronic Fuel Injection channel to “Display this” window

I am testing the EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection for combustion engines) support in software V4.1.0dev.
We have connected our EFI to a Pixhawk and it works perfectly.
But the EFI channels are not in the “Display this” so the only way to see them is to open the Mavlink inspector

Is there a way to add them to see them on the main screen?

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do you have a tlog with this data in it? just so i can test

Hi @jlcortex,
I am also still searching for EFI unit for my Engine, what brand of Efi do you use and where to buy it? How big is your engine? Is the Efi add on or sold as a package with the engine?
Thank you…

Hello Michael, I send you a tlog of the EFI on the table, so not RPM data and no sensors.
Temperature numbers are wrong because there are no sensors connected.
Probably it is not useful. I will try to do a tlog with the engine running in the next days.
2021-03-01 17-50-55.tlog (540.0 KB)

Hello Tony, The EFI is from Loweheiser. It is my new proyect. We are working in engines from 10cc to 170cc

I upload a tlog with the engine running
There are problem with temperature values. But it seems a problem in our configuration
The temperature values are celsius
2021-03-04 17-42-27.tlog (562.0 KB)

Yes, I confirm, The temperature values are celsius.
If I configure the EFI in celsius then I receive correct values, about 19ºC