Add Cyphal support

Hello everyone.
I’ve added an initial Cyphal support here: add cyphal (uavcan v1) support by PonomarevDA · Pull Request #20408 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub and we have several flight tests such as on this video: 2022.07.01 - Cyphal Ardupilot (kotleta20 x4) - YouTube. It would be nice if somebody could give more feedback about this PR. If someone decides to provide flight tests, I can write a user doc on how to configure the autopilot. Actually, I started with it, but today new useful tools appeared such as Yukon, so I need to update it.
Though this PR has only ESC support, I have also a branch with cyphal gnss, mag, baro, rangefinder and imu sensors. We also have some flights with these devices. But it might be about the next PR.
More details in the PR.

By the way, for those who don’t understand the difference between DroneCAN and Cyphal, a few days ago an article about Cyphal and DroneCAN comparison appeared: Cyphal vs. DroneCAN - General - OpenCyphal Forum. It has answers on popular questions and an overview of existing tools.