Add ALT HLD to DRIFT mode? Or - add coordinated turns to ANY flight mode?

I was going to ask that altitude hold get added to drift mode, but then I’ve seen folks ask for coordinated turns in other flight modes besides drift. So maybe the better idea is create a coordinated turn option for any/most flight mode(s)?

For me personally, I’d like POS HLD to have the ability to make coordinated turns. But just adding attitude hold would be great.



I would love that. POS with coordinated turn…mmmmmm

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Drift mode is good - especially when using FPV (for me anyway). Throttle is like alt hold (Loiter really) and pitch/roll translates to direction and speed. So a bit of pitch and roll produces something close to a coordinated turn. No rudder required.

Search in Youtube for drift mode arducopter, thee’s a few videos

I use to fly Drift all the time but I don’t recall it having any alt hold function in it. More throttle up, less down. Works great but it didn’t loiter when you stopped. At least not that I recall. Been a while.

Yeah, the docs say throttle is like in Stabilise mode, not AltHold (or Loiter)

Drift - + Y Like stabilize, but coordinates yaw with roll like a plane

I had an idea it was more like Loiter - must have been my imagination.

Hey Shawn. Ya I use to fly it all the time. I liked the coordinated turns…I guess I was being lazy. I stopped because it didn’t hold altitude and when you stopped it drifted. I had read once about a potential hybrid version but I never saw it. Normally I fly in Poshold. I just like the loiter when I stop ability. But if it banked in a turn like drift mode, it would be an interesting method.

Rain here so I have had no chance to get that big bird out to test with the ESC changes. Will let you know the results if it ever stops. I am collecting items to build an ark

I used to also but Loiter is more versatile I think with a more comprehensive set of parameters. What was called “New Loiter” a few Rev’s ago.

Hey Dave. Whats new loiter. What does it give you that poshold doesn’t.

A bit more control over flight characteristics. It’s not New anymore just merged into Loiter awhile back.
Loiter options:

PosHold Options: