AdaRacer - PixRacer compatible Autopilot Board

There is a new autopilot board Made in EU compatible with the PixRacer.
It was made as a robotic development & education board for the
Ada-SPARK programming language, but was made PixRacer compatible to
allow a dual use.

The only onboard sensors are the MPU9250 and the Barometric sensor, the
others present on the PixRacer are available as a add-on sensor board.
This allow the test and evaluation of various MEMS sensors.

Compared to the PixRacer it has been added the following: USART and PWM
interfaces are buffered. Added power filtering and ESB protection. Added
2nd CAN interface. Added 30 pin motherboard connector - to add 2nd
flight controller or mission controller (Intel Edison or NVIDIA Jetson
TX1). 2 switches: CAN termination and Boot0 mode.

The Hardware Description Doc is available on here:

Is this available for sale? Price? Looks interesting, but need more details :slight_smile:

Hi, here the official link:

Price should be around €120,00 and is now in a low rate production availability. :blush:

Adapilot appears to be open hardware, closed software?
Interesting. How is the project “community” structured if the code is proprietary? It isn’t clear to me how collaboration would work.
Can you articulate the benefit of Adaracer over Pixracer and Pixhawk2?
I understand the appeal of a DO178 flight stack for some applications, but am a bit confused re your hardware - particularly choice of connectors.
Also, using CANAerospace makes it hard for users to switch flight stacks, as esc’s etc would need to talk both UAVCAN and CANAerospace.

AdaPilot is Open Source software with both open and closed souce hardware. AdaRacer-FCS is open source hardware also, AdaPilot-M4 and AdaPilot-R5 are closed source hardware.
AdaRacer-FCS have buffered UARTs and 8 PWM outputs, and made in EU. The second CAN tranceiver is also mounted. The Sensor SPI have an external connector, so you will be able to test a lots of different SPI based sensors. The MPU and MS5611 are good/nice sensors, but there are much more out, some more on the same price, other much more expensive. But it is interesting to test it.
AdaRacer is NOT intend for DO-178, it is just the software development platform to write and test Ada/SPARK drivers. It is also the Education Platform to teach Ada/SPARK. The only platform targeted DO-178 is the AdaPilot-R5.
CANaerospace is a upper layer protocol and noboddy are obligated to use it. You can use whatever protocol you like. AdaPilot uses CANaerospace, ArduPilot uses UAVCAN.

Can you provide a link to the software repo?

I cannot find the source link, Can you provide a link to the software repo? Thanks