ACv3.2-Pixhawk ACRO inverted crash

The wisdom of someone more experienced in log analysis would be appreciated by me here;

During my testing of ACv3.2 in ACRO mode I completed one successful flip then on the next attempt the quad got halfway round on it’s back then refused to continue rotation, appearing to “stabilise” upside down.

I had adjusted ACRO_BAL_PITCH & ROLL from 1 to 1.5 before test, is this a case of too high a value here has overcome the PID settings?

I accept this could be just a piloting issue or incorrect user settings, my hope is, if there is something for the group to learn that it may help others.
Thanks in advance.

3DR 2014 Quad, 880Kv, 11x4.7, 3DR Pixhawk, 3DR GPS, RFD900u, FrSKY D4R-II

are you using acro trainer ?

I had set ACRO_TRAINER to ‘1’ for levelling only.
After an initial short flight to confirm everything was fully functional I landed and set this parameter and the ACRO_BAL_PITCH and _ROLL just before the second part of the flight.

Thanks for the reply.

well probably there is an issue in AC 3.2. for Acro mode while in Trainer 1 which means leveling.
You can do as much rolls you want but do not make Flips as it could crash and cause great damage.
I’ve already reported this more times to the DEV’s by Beta testing on DYI Drones but seems not to be on priority list :wink:

Thanks Pomaroli, my feeling is this an important issue and would like to avoid issues for others.
If the developers have been informed then it’s over to the experts.
Unfortunately I’m not one of them, all I can offer are my observations, a twisted airframe and some logs. :wink:


I come from KK, Mwii, CleanFlight, and want to try to make my hands on AMP, and especially the ACRO mode. Want to find out if the APM is capable of measure itself to these “simpler” boards…

I manage to make my first flights on a small test quad on 3S1800mAh (all default values). First impressions, AltHold and Loiter are more than quit good “out of the box”. (Acro/ Agressive) flying in Stabilize mode, if you are used to fly mwii/cleanflight, is a no go!

My objective is to find those settings to obtain the same flight feeling on the sticks as the Mwii / Cleanflight Acro features.

What I see is that there are an overwhelming number of parameters, and finding your way through it is not easy….

First obstacle I have, in Acro mode, if I activate (3-way switch) via ch7 the Acro Trainer, nothing happens! …What am I doing wrong?

I like to tune my PID’s on the field, why is there only 1 ch (ch6) used to assign PID values. Nice to have, assign 2 or 3 (3-way switches) to enable selecting 6 / 9 PID’s and setting the value via the throttle. Visual and audio feedback when current value is reached, accept new value by doing a “yaw left” (mode2 transmitter).

I am convinced that if apm can compete with mwii/cleanflight/openpilot regarding Acro flight (= pilot input has always priority, stick input is crisp, no bizarre unexpected overruling of controller, smooth and fast flights), it will be a winner …

Thank you,

I can’t find a place where to ask the question when AC v3.2 is safe to use the Acro Trainer mode?
On my version ArduCopter V3.2.1 (36b405fb) i can’t initiate it via a 3-way switch while i am in acro mode… nothing happens, no leveling.

Is v3.2.1 safe to fly “normal” acro, doing flips etc. …?