Active buzzer on Orange Cube+


I connected the active buzzer according to the instructions to the AUX OUT port in Orange Cube+. I set in Mission Planner servo12_function (AUX OUT 4) to 138 (Alarm). The buzzer works, it makes clear informative sounds, but immediately after connecting the power to the drone, the buzzer makes a very loud and annoying sound for about 6 seconds.

What do you think, is it a matter of some parameter that has been set wrong, or the buzzer itself?

I attach a video:

I checked the power supply of the buzzer, when turning it on I connected it to a different power source and the problem with the squeaking sound repeated itself. So when you turn on the Cube+, it sends a signal to the buzzer, which is perceived as a beeping sound. Do you know how to delay the signal on a given channel when starting the drone, for example by about 8 seconds?