Activating two relay signals from a hand controller

I’m trying to activate two separate devices from my Pixhawk on an X8 using the aux outputs as relay signals. I’m able to get Ch7 on my hand controller to activate the relay signal on AUXOUT6 by following these steps:

  1. Under Config/Tuning -> Standard Params -> First Relay Pin (RELAY_PIN), I selected “Pixhawk AUXOUT6” from the drop down menu.

  2. Under Extended Tuning, next to Ch7 Opt, I selected “Relay On/Off” from the drop down menu.

And that works great. I can flip the Ch7 switch on my controller back and forth and see the signal go up and down.

So now I want to add a second relay control to Ch8 of my hand controller. Similar to above, I set the Second Relay Pin to “Pixhawk AUXOUT5” on the Standard Params page. But the only available options for Ch8 are “Relay On/Off”, which only works on the first relay. I can’t find a way to set Ch8 to control the second relay.

Am I missing an option somewhere or is it impossible to control two separate relay signals on a Pixhawk from a hand controller?

Right now the only way to activate a second and third relay is to use a mission command.