Activated lua scripting, parameter download problems

I activated lua scripting on 2 of my black cubes, both on 4.0.3. After enabling it i rebooted and both are stuck in “already got parameter” in mission planner. They both stay there for hours and do not succed in downloading full parameter set.

Anyone could replicate the problem? Just activating lua scripting doesn’t let me connect black cube anymore, it stays “already got param” forever when connecting to MP.
Just noticed i get “NavEKF2: not enough memory” since enabled lua scripting. It does it on 2 different cube black.

I have seen this when trying some stupid tests (such as 64 leds): all was stuck. So boot without the µSD, disable lua scripting and try again.

Eventually disconnecting and connecting the usb a few times i downloaded the patams and was able to disable scripting.
@rmackay9 is there a known problem with lua scripting and cube black? Is orange needed?

@rmackay9 can we have an official statement for lua scripting only supported on arm 7 series controllers?
Asking because if i enable it on any of my cube black i get all kind of problems that disappear when i disable it.


I think it works on CubeBlack but you’ll need to disable terrain following (TERRAIN_ENABLE = 0) and maybe reduce the number of EKFs running (set EK2_IMU_MASK = 1). Maybe we should add a warning to the wiki.

I’ll add the “always got parameter” issue to our Copter-4.0 issues list although it could just as easily be an MP issue. The likely cause is that something has run out of memory but this failure is not being caught properly so it’s resulting in weird behaviour.

Thank you. We need terrain follow at the moment, we will get an orange cube to start playing with scripting.
Yes i think something written on the wiki would be good.