ACSP4 settings advice?!

I’m building a QuadCopter in a Tarot 650 Sport Frame. The FC is a original PixRacer (I think Batch15) with a original ACSP4 Power Module.

I’m not getting any Current or Votage info out of it. The module itself should not be the problem, because in PX4 Firmware it showed the correct voltage and current.

Could anyone please give me advice on the settings in Mission Planner?

Kind regards

Welcome Tobias: check the current and voltage pins, check that you have enable monitor batt in settings, optional hardware

Hi Cala2,
thank you for your reply.

As I mentioned, the Power Module is working fine. In PX4 I get the correct voltage and current.
In Mission Planner the Battery Monitor is enabled.
I was just trying to set the battery monitor via QGroundControl and had luck. Now it is working also in Mission Planner. I had to select “Other” as Sensor and “The Cube or Pixhawk” as FC Ver. The other settings for ACSP4 are 13,4545 Volt multi and 36,3636 Amps per Volt.

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