Acro Tuning help needed

I need help tuning acro mode on my Robocat 270. I did a succesful Autotune on all axis but when I fly in acro and do hard turns I can hear and feel oscillations. Do I adjust the Roll and Pitch P values higher or lower? Here’s a video of my latest flight.

Any tips appreciated.

I was doing some tuning today and had my first crash. Here’s the log. I hope someone can help determine what caused the crash. I was doing a turn then the copter went into a death roll.

Here’s the recording of the crash.

I had my first crash last week. I just had to fix a broken standoff. Did some minor changes such as change the RATE_RLL_FILT_HZ 80 and MOT_YAW_HEADROOM to 300 to eliminate yaw oscillations when doing tight turns. Finally I did another Autotune after making the parameter changes.

I got all this info from this post from post from leonard hall

Here’s two videos of my latest flights