Acro settings for racing/freestyle ~220mm quad

Couple Questions:

  1. Where do I set acro mode roll rates (what parameter name)?
  2. What is max roll/pitch rate?

I turned off the self level in acro with ACRO_BAL_PITCH and ROLL = 0

I turned off expo (ACRO_R/P/Y_EXPO = DISABLED), and there is still too much expo, even with the very low default roll rates.
3. How to lower expo in acro?

Looking for acro rates, I came across ATC_RATE_P(and R)_MAX, default was 0, tried 600, that did not do what I expected, but it did have a weird effect.

In acro and tilted say 30 degrees, then flip back to stabilize mode, now, with stick centered, the quad should self level, but it stays at 30 degrees.
4. Is this a bug or intended action?