Hi all,
after nearly 10 years back to Arducopter, I converted my X-Class Copter to AC.
To get higher roll / pitch rates in Acro, what do I need to raise?

ACRO_RP_P: Acro Roll and Pitch P gain
Converts pilot roll and pitch into a desired rate of rotation in ACRO and SPORT mode. Higher values mean faster rate of rotation.


ACRO_RP_RATE: Acro Roll and Pitch Rate
Acro mode maximum roll and pitch rate. Higher values mean faster rate of rotation

What’s the difference between them? 1st one goes from 1-10, where default 4.5 seems to be 200deg/s,
2nd one is from 1-1080deg/s , which looks more familar.

Target is to get around 360 to 400deg/s


RP_P is <= 4.1, RP_RATE >= 4.2

The latter is in degree/s. You will also want to play with EXPO to get you there faster

With RP_RATE = 4.2 it will only do 4.2deg/s I guess?
And Expo shouldn’s change the max rate, only the curve between stick center / max deflection and zero rotation and max rotation.
But how do I change max. rotation on roll and pitch?

I was referring to the ardupilot versions. RP_RATE is a new parameter in v4.2 that was converted from P in v4.1. For instance I have it set to 600 in 4.2 for 600dps

Ok, got it :grinning: I confused it with the value…
So with my actual stable (4.1) I need to raise RP_P from 4.5 to around 6-7, and it will be fine?
And after upgrading to 4.2, I use RP_RATE, and directly enter the deg/s, 400 in my case…


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