Acro rate increase

Is there a way to increase the ACRO_PITCH_RATE and ACRO_ROLL_RATE beyond 500deg/sec? My application requires those numbers to be a bit higher. Thanks in advance.

The limits in mission planner are just warnings or suggestions. You should be able to set whatever value you want.

I have to say though, I’d love to see a video of your results of pitch rates above 500 degrees/second. That’s going to make your head spin!

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been trying to change them in mission planner, but they go back to 500 each time. I’m very new to ardupilot, so any guidance as to where I can make a change that will stick would be great. Below is a link to a short DS video where you can see the high rate for the top turn.

When you say new to Ardupilot, I just want to double check: you know to write the parameters to the controller after you change anything or even move off the screen?

Yes, thanks. I’ve attempted to enter the number manually, after the slider maxed at 500. Once I set it to 1000, I hit tab, and the number reverts back to 500.

Ah, don’t use the sliders. Use the Full Parameter List and set the value directly there.

Thank you. That worked. It gave me a warning that the value was out of range, and then allowed me to save it.

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